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Resin Mixer 120L | Forced Action Mixer | IMER Mix 120L Plus 110V

Resin Mixer 120L | Forced Action Mixer | IMER Mix 120L Plus 110V

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Small size, lightweight and easy loading in small transport vehicles. The I-DUST grid (optional), with connection for vacuum cleaner, limits the dust in the surrounding environment. Ideal for mixing premixed or predosed products in bags in an optimal way and with as little effort as possible. The rotation direction of the paddles allows to disintegrate any lumps and resume normal mixing without direct manual intervention. If necessary, Mix 120 Plus can be used to mix traditional products, with the maximum mixing performance and quality of the mixture.


Standard Equipment

  • Electric safety grate opening
  • Self-resetting motor thermal protector
  • Switch with undervoltage remote control IP55 and plug IP67
  • Paddle rotation reversing gear
  • Grate with bag breaker blade
  • Lifting hooks positioned on 4 sides
  • 4 wheels and removable handles, for handling and loading on the means of transport
  • Load/discharge height adjustable in two positions


Optional Accessories

Suitable for Mixing:-

  • Premixed or traditional cement screed, also with the addition of fibers and/or additives.
  • Lightened screed pre-dosed with expanded clay with grain size <10mm (2 bags per cycle)
  • Thermal insutlating screed (1 bag per cycle)
  • Self-levelling anhydride/cement based screeds
  • Cement/lime/gypsum based plasters
  • Fiber-reinforaced structural plasters also with the addition of additives
  • Restorative plasters
  • Traditional plasters
  • Binders/mortars for injections
  • Mortars for reinforcement
  • Premixed/traditional masonry mortars
  • Concrete with grain size <8mm
  • Cementitious adhesives (large quantities)
  • Mortars and stuccos for smoothing (large quantities)
  • Waterproofing seal (large quantities)



12 Months Manufacturers Warranty
5kva Transformer Recommended
This is also available in 230V
Call our Sales Team on 01902 498915 for more information

 Next Day Delivery if ordered before 2pm

Excludes Weekends and Bank Holidays

UK Mainland Only

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