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Rack & Pinion Hoists for the Hire Industry or End-User, designed for the Transportation of Heavy Goods & Ideal for Scaffolders & Construction Workers.



 A wide range of platforms, lifting heights, load capacities and hoisting speeds along with special accessories enable the flexible use of the rack and pinion hoists so they can be completely customised to on-site conditions. Regardless of whether the work is carried out on new build projects, façade works, or comprehensive renovations, rack and pinion elevators made by MABER can meet almost every construction site requirement.



For over 30 years MABER have been working with vertical transportation systems in more than 60 countries, with dedication, professionalism and success acknowledged by the international market. Right from the beginning, MABER have decided to specialise in only the rack & pinion lifting systems.


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 MABER MB 500/120 [500kg] Goods Only

MABER MBC 1000/150 [1000kg] Transport Platform

MABER MBC 2000/150 Transport Platform

MABER MBC 2300/150 Transport Platform


We can also provide additional information on other models, if required.

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