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MABER MB 500/120 [500kg] Goods Only Hoist

MABER MB 500/120 [500kg] Goods Only Hoist

Builders Hoist For Goods With Accessible Platforms

A historical model, which has sold more than 1,000 units, for the lifting of materials in place of the classic rope hoist.

Used during scaffold assembly, it is a safe and efficient lifting system.

Machine in conformity to European Regulation EN 12158-1:2010.

Available in the single-phase version, with a capacity of 300kg.

Available in the triple-phase version with a capacity of 500kg.


Technical Features:-

Maximum Anchored Height: 120M

Capacity: 500KG

Maximum Distance Between Anchorage Points: 6M

Width of Cage: 1300mm

Height of Cage: 1200mm

Voltage Single: 220V/50Hz Three Phase: 410V/50Hz

Engine Power: 3kW

Lifting Speed: 20m/min

Patented Mechnical Emergency Brake 


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