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Resin Mixer 360L | IMER Mix 360 R Plus | 400V/50Hz Electric Motor 3kW

Resin Mixer 360L | IMER Mix 360 R Plus | 400V/50Hz Electric Motor 3kW

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  • Three-phase 400V/50Hz electric motor.
  • Electric safety limit switch
  • Thermal-magnetic switch with IP 55 no-volt coil and IP 67 plug
  • Grid with bag-splitting blades: provides good visibility and protects against accidental contact
  • Pneumatic wheels for excellent on-site mobility


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One of the largest resin bound gravel pan mixers in the industry. Perfect for resin bonding and resin driveways. Large batch resin. IMER Mix 360 400v.


The IMER Mix 360 is a forced action mixer that can be towed on site, or on the road, and is available in 3 phase or in petrol. It can mix both dry or wet fine grain materials, such as plaster, mortar, cement, and much more. The machine's mixing paddles have a slick geometry thus creating a fast and homogeneous batching for materials and fast discharge. The mixers discharge goes through the bottom, and has a protection guard for the operators protection. Within the mixers paddles, there is a rubber insert that reduces the wear of the machine, and makes for an easier cleaning process. The forced action mixer consists of a safety device that stops the machine if the top of it has been lifted when the operation of the mixer is still running. The top guard also has a bag splitter.

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