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Resin Mixer 360L | IMER Mix 360 R Plus | 400V/50Hz Electric Motor 3kW

Resin Mixer 360L | IMER Mix 360 R Plus | 400V/50Hz Electric Motor 3kW

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  • Three-Phase 400V/50Hz Electric Motor 3kW
  • Magnothermic Switch with IP55 Minimum Voltage Coil and IP67 Plug
  • i-DUST Grate with Connector Tube for Vacuum Cleaner and Bag Breaker Blade
  • Electric Safety Grate Opening
  • Mixing Paddles Adjustable in Height up to 20mm
  • Lifting Hooks Positioned on 4 Sides and Forklift Guides
  • Loading/Unloading Adjustable Height in 3 Positions 550/680/810mm
  • Oscillating Discharge Outlet to Avoid Clogging and Facilitate Cleaning
  • Bonnet and Hood Fastening with Silent and Easy-To-Use Valpa Elastic Closures
  • Washing Gun
  • Jack for Machine Lifting
  • Pneumatic Wheels and Axle with Independent Elastic Suspension for Excellent Mobility on the Building Site
  • Version Approved for Road Towing (with Optional Light Bar Kit Added)

 Optional Accessories:-

  • Light Bar Kit (Required for Road Towing)
  • Rubble Paddles Kit
  • Outlet Slide Kit for Loading on Step 120


New design and new frame structure. Large capacity and excellent maneuverability thanks to the reduced size and weight. The i-DUST grate (standard) limits the spread of dust in the surrounding environment while loading. The height of the legs adjustable in 3 positions allows to easily unoad the material in any kind of container.



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