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Electric Wet Tile Cutter | IMER Combi 250/600mm | 240V

Electric Wet Tile Cutter | IMER Combi 250/600mm | 240V

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  • 600mm Cutting Length
  • 250mm Continuous Diamond Blade
  • Adjustable Tilted Cuts from 45°- 90°
  • Domestic Use - 240V
  • Official Parts and Repairs


The Combi 250 VA cuts a maximum length of 600mm and comes with a 250mm continuous diamond blade and a folding stand, so it can be used on a bench or with the stand for ease of use.

The electric water pump keeps the blade cooled and also dust is eliminated by this method. It is ideal for cutting ceramic, stone materials, bricks and stone.

Lightweight and compact, it ensures maximum cutting precision thanks to its user-friendly structure and the accessories that come with it. It offers high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut.

Cuts (90°) vertically to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45°(depth adjustment is maintained in all positions).

Side cutting table optional extra to extend cutting, maintaining stability, due to a bracket bolted onto the stand.

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