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AP 120 Scaffold Winch

Standard Equipment

✓ Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor

✓ Direct control with 3-pushbutton IP65 5-m pendant control with multipin connector for changing the pendant control

✓ Swivelling bracket

✓ Integrated stop system with lever/limit switch and load limiter functions

✓ Automatic cable tensioning system with pre-tensioned roller

✓ Enclosed frame with handles for easy moving on site

✓ Fixing system to the scaffolding which can be locked with a standard padlock (not supplied)

✓ Self-braking motor with magnetic device 


Optional Accessories

✓ Scaffold clamps

✓ Flag anchor pin adapter swivel



The stop system integrated in the motorized unit with lever/ limit switch and load limiter functions allows the winch to be mounted, as well as at the base of the structure, even at any height. Thanks to a special fixing system, the winch can be easily locked to the scaffolding with a standard padlock. The innovative automatic cable tensioning system with pre-tensioned roller allows better winding to avoid unwinding and loosening of the cable. Easy change of the pendant control thanks to the multipin connector. The enclosed frame guarantees protection for the motor and the cable winding drum. Two special handles in the frame structure make it easier to move the winch on site.


 IMER Taurus 700


Standard Equipment

✓ Skip fitted to mount self-loading shovel

✓ Sealed wheel bearings to prevent ingress of dirt

✓ Hardened driving wheels for longer life

✓ STCS (Self Tension Crawler System)

✓ Shovel arms with double attachment yoke

✓ Hydraulic quick-coupling for shovel system release

✓ Steel bearings with greasing points at pivot points

✓ Removable engine bonnet for better access for checks, servicing and refuelling

✓ Standard 14 L / min flow rate power take-off

✓ Exhaust pipe with elbow to discharge towards the ground



The new TAURUS 700 is an agile and versatile machine, ideal for transporting and moving various kinds of materials around the building and road construction sites and in places that are difficult to access. Available in versions: skip only, skip and self-loading shovel, skip and “hi-tip” kit for high discharge. 

The Taurus 700 mini-dumper is the ideal solution for the transportation and handling of various types of material on site and in places where access is difficult. It is completely at ease on any terrain, including tough slopes, steps and ramps. Two travel speeds ensure maximum operating efficiency even on very large sites. The reduced noise level enhances operator comfort and makes the machine suitable for use even in urban centres.

The Taurus 700 HT model with “hi-tip” kit for high discharge is ideal for emptying the skip from above where desired, directly on the truck and into specific skips. The optional concrete mixing kit allows mixing small quantities of construction conglomerates and transporting them to the place of use. Excellent during renovations where small quantities of concrete are needed in various locations, even far from each other. Loading bed with opening sides is also available as an optional accessory.

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