Retirement Announcement - Managing Director Robert Hughes

Retirement Announcement - Managing Director Robert Hughes


Bob Hughes Retirement


Born and raised in ‘The Potteries’ (Stoke-on-Trent), Bob left school at the age of 16 and began working for James Kent ‘The Old Foley’, developing glazes for pottery ware whilst attending college. Once he had completed his studies, he moved into middle management roles for various pottery firms including:- J&G Meakin, Allied English, Price, and Kensington. He also gained his ‘Health & Safety’ qualification whilst at college and was able to use this throughout his career. When he left the pottery industry, he worked for various companies such as Status (a company selling paints and wallpapers), Crown Paints, Handyman House, Rawlplug, and WW Fixing. Whilst working at these companies, Bob swiftly moved through the ranks from Sales Representative to Area Manager.

Bob’s career then moved into supplying construction equipment. Bob went to work for a subsidiary of Foulis (a Scottish company selling IMER products) under the name IMER (UK) Ltd, to manage their Birmingham Depot in February 1989.

Unfortunately, the company had to cease trading in 1996, but this gave Bob the idea to set up RDS. The idea behind RDS was to sell diamond blades, and during his spare time his every intention was to take up golf. (Unfortunately, this never materialised.)

Whilst RDS became an established company, Bob contacted IMER International to see if he could set up a company that would be the UK Distributor for IMER products within the UK, as IMER (UK) Ltd were no longer trading. Fortunately, this idea was given the green light and Paolo introduced them to another Italian manufacturer – MABER (a company that specialises in Rack & Pinion hoists). As a result, the company became the UK distributor for both IMER and MABER equipment.

During this venture, Bob was also joined by a former IMER (UK) Ltd colleague. In the early stages they worked from Bob’s home, but as the business developed, they soon found that they needed a bigger facility. The company then rented a small warehouse along Monmore Road (Wolverhampton), where Bob’s eldest son Stuart, took on the job of managing the office.

RDS became a member of the IMER International SpA family and the name changed to IMER DIRECT (GB) Ltd, which they ran jointly with the IMER International SpA appointed board members. IMER DIRECT (GB) Ltd traded roughly from 2000 to 2010, but when the parent company decided to close IMER DIRECT (GB) Ltd in 2010, this again was an opportunity for Bob to become the sole UK distributor for both IMER and MABER equipment. As a result of this, CLM Construction Supplies Ltd was created in November 2010.

CLM officially started trading in January 2011. The team was made up of Bob, Chris, Doreen, Amy, and Greg (who all still work at CLM). The current location of CLM Construction Supplies came about in November 2014, as more warehouse space was needed to keep a wide range of equipment in stock. Based in Bilston the location is ideal, as it is not far from Junction 10 of the M6, and Junction 3 of the M54.

Now at the age of 73, Bob has decided to retire. Starting off with a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords, we wish Bob a happy retirement, and like to think that he finally has the time to take up golf!

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