Award Winning MABER MBC2000 at the IAPA/IPAF Summit 2023

Award Winning MABER MBC2000 at the IAPA/IPAF Summit 2023

On Thursday 20th April, it was announced that the MABER MBC2000 had won an award at The International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) at this years IPAF Summit.


The transport platform won 'Product of the Year' in the 'Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs)/Hoist' category. This is the second time the award has been won by MABER, the previous year being 2015.


This new version was introduced during Bauma 2022 with the following characteristics:-

1) Low Absorption (Max 32 Amps)

One of the main issues on jobsite, it's the available power. Rental companies are facing with modern jobsites where quantity of a lot of equipment and power availability try to be limited as much as possible, both for economic and energy saving reasons.

MABER continuously invests in research & development, and developed a customised product that has great performances in terms of absorption: 18 Amps at 12 m./min. and 32 Amps at 24 m./min. which is the preferred option in small/medium size projects.


2) Large "C" Door of 3m.

on top of traditional "A" and "B" doors, on the 1,5 m. sides, the "C" door has become a must in the jobsite, to load large material with a forklift. MABER's "C" door is robust and composed with a 4 book opening door.


3) Openable Protection Roof

new standard EN16719 has introduced the obligation of the permanent presence of falling object protection guard. On new construction sites, hoist must climb with building. It means roof would have to be put on and off with every climb, with logistical problems. With the introduction of openable roof, on-site engineers can easily open roof to add mast section to the hoist, without dismantling anything.

Furthermore, in many construction sites, it’s not possible to use forklifts to load the hoist on the ground, and in this scenario, the need to load with a crane is often required. With the openable roof, operators can easily open the roof during the loading phase.


4) Handy Mast Guard

One of the issues during the assembly, is the availability of space inside the platform. With this new fold-open mast guard, engineers have more space available to for hoist parts.



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