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Customer Training Courses

Here at CLM Constriction Supplies Ltd we offer a full range of training courses to suit the needs of our customers. We are providing courses for you based around the products that we have for sale on our website. These courses can be delivered to your company’s bespoke requirements and suit all budgets.


For the Imer lifting products we generally offer installation training to show the operator exactly how to fit or build the Imer Lifting range as well as safe use of the equipment. We also offer training for repair, maintenance, inspection, and certification of the range. The courses teaching repairs etc are more suited to electrically competent people.


For the Maber rack and pinion hoist training more than one day is needed for the course. This is due to the manor in which the machines are installed, the weights they carry and also the fact that some carry personnel. Generally, these machines are installed on working construction sites or renovation areas. We have found through experience that these machines are best suited for training to be carried out on a working site under the careful guidance of our training staff. The reason behind this is the fact that if we install in a classroom type environment where everything is perfect, trainees often struggle with on site installations where everything isn’t always as expected. This is manufacturer-based training which will go towards NVQ hoist installer training for a later date.


We generally structure the rack and pinion hoist installation as 6 visits or sessions (3 install and 3 dismount). Session one is where the operatives install a machine with one of our training staff, this gives the correct guidance and procedure for correct installation. Session 2 is usually a dismount; operatives and CLM staff dismount the hoist as per manufacturer recommendations.

For the next stage session 3, one of our training staff will attend site with your operatives. Our qualified staff will be closely supervising your operations using the training that was provided for you in the previous sessions. This way your operatives will effectively be installing the machine but without the worry of errors as they will get help should they get stuck, again the same kind of procedure for session 4 with the dismount of the machine.

For session 5, again your operatives would install the machine. However, this time you will carry out the instillation in test like conditions. This is to see how the operatives cope with installing the machine without the help of the trainers. As per the previous sessions provided, should this not be done to satisfactory standards, we may suggest you follow up with further training. Session 6 would be the disassembly of the machines in a similar setup.

Lastly there would be a sit-down classroom session covering more of the health and safety regulations and other important info. There is also a pass or fail test at the end of this.


We also cover all aspects of repair of our Securepulleys, table saws and mixing machinery. Again these can be bespoke as per your requirements.

We provide training on the following subjects: 

  • Hoist Erection
  • Inspection
  • Dismantle
  • Certification


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