Imer MIX 360 Mixer

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The Imer MIX 360 is a mixer can be site towed or road towed and is available in 3 phase or Petrol versions. The geometry of the mixing paddles make for a fast and homogeneous batching of materials and fast discharge. It discharges through the bottom and has a protection guard for operator protection. The Top guard has a bag splitter and has a safety device that stops the machine if the top is lifted when the machine is still operating. The switch has a NVC that means if it has stopped by the top safety device it will not start automatically when the top is replaced. The paddles are fitted with rubber inserts to reduce wear and to clean the mixer while mixing. There is a mushroom guard above the shaft and where the paddles are bolted to the head to stop material covering the shaft and bolts when filling the mixer.


More Info:

  MIX 360
Drum capacityl360
Mixing performancel200
Drum diametermm952
Paddle speed – electric motor/petrol enginerpm36/36
Motor power: electric motor/petrol enginekW3/8.1
Electric motor running currentA7.2
SPL in operator’s position: electric motor/petrol engine dB(A) 70/88
Discharge height: max. – min.mm745-445
Machine weight: electric motor/petrol enginekg357/360
Dimensions w/l/hmm1080/1680/1155


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