VLUTTERS Rubbish Chute – 550mm 20inch Diameter

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The plastic rubbish chutes are designed to go all the way up to the top of a building. This is so you do not have to come down at any point to get rid of any rubbish. With the chutes being virtually indestructible and maintenance free, means that it suits all sorts of building sites. The chute is ‘T’ shaped and comes in a black plastic material that is made up of a specifically designed plastic that is residual and shan’t split. It comes with metal chains to give support it all the way up.

The fitting and accessories for the plastic rubbish chutes are all made from quality steel and aluminium. This careful choice of materials ensures that Vlutters rubbish chutes are a low maintenance product for safe rubbish removal.


Please call 0844 800 1750 for further information and for the different rubbish chutes available.



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