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Scaffold Hoists

The scaffold hoists come in a variety of sizes and specifications: The ES150 N is ideal for operations that do not require frame extension. It can lift materials up to 150kg. The ET200 N is ideal for operations that do not require bracket extension and is rated to 200Kg. The TR225 N is extendable, has a plug-in pendant, and comes fitted with a lower limit safety device as well as the upper included with all our hoists. Also rated to 200Kg.

The gearmotors featured in the scaffold hoists are built with helical-toothed steel bars in oil bath. Every hoist comes with a steel rope cable drum that is installed transverse to the mounting bracket. This promotes smooth winding and eliminates dangerous accumulation of the rope on one side only, otherwise caused by the flexing of the support structures. The hoists are all fitted with an upper limit safety device with positive drive by thrusting spring that stops the upward movement of the load in the highest point.

Every hoist also comes with a work positioning lever, this prevents dangerous rotation of the load that occurs during lifting or lowering operations. This device eliminates the risk of uncontrolled movement of the load, reducing risks for the operator and for damage to structures.


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