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Masonry 750 PLUS | Water-Cooled Saw | Three-phase 400V/50Hz (5.5kW)

Masonry 750 PLUS | Water-Cooled Saw | Three-phase 400V/50Hz (5.5kW)

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For cutting large materials like structural stone blocks, cement blocks and stone facing. The cutting height is adjustable from 0 to 300mm. The sturdy structure and powerful motor of the Masonry 750 Plus ensure excellent efficiency. The single-phase version is a particulary efficient amd versatile machine, for working also in places where there is no 400V/50Hz three-phase power supply. The carriage is stable and not subject to deformation thanks to the fixing in the sliding rail with a 6mm thick steel profile. The 46cm wide carriage handle allows greater operator's comfort. The two sturdy rear wheels 370 x 60mm make the machine more managable in the movements.


 *Blade is not included*


Standard Equipment

  • Three-phase 400V/50Hz (5.5kW)
  • IP67 Plug
  • Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water, easily removable for cleaning
  • Guide rails for forklift and hooking points for lifting
  • 4 Wheels: 2 front 200 x 50mm swiveling with brake system and rear 370 x 60mm
  • Cutting heaight adjustment knob from 0 to 300mm
  • Eaily accessible mobile carraige, with locking system for transport
  • Carriage pushing handle 46cm width
  • Side curtains for the containment and recovery of nebulized water during cutting


 Optional Accessories and Recommended Blades

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