Accessories for Hoists

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We offer a range of accessories for use with our scaffold and Builders Gantry Hoists from suitable buckets and wheelbarrows. The Internal Prop is used to lift through an opening in a building either wall or floor without the use of scaffold. It also can be utilized with the back ballast kit if the internal prop cannot be braced in its normal position. If lifting System scaffold you can use the 3 way lifting hook to safely lift on erection of scaffold.

The bucket carriers can be used with standard plastic builders’ buckets that can be obtained from most builders’ merchants or DIY stores. The Hoist trolley can be used to mount a scaffold hoist within the 300kg Gantry system. To extend your scaffold hoist you can use the swivelling extensions for optimum distances from the scaffold.


Max. capacity with extendible bracket hoistkg 200 200 200
Max. capacity with fixed bracket hoist and swivelling extensionkg 200 200 200
Max. capacity with ext. bracket hoist and swivelling extensionkg 150 150 150


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